City Brand

City Brand of the town of Offida: brands that hold the symbols of the town itself

The creation of the brand of Offida and its flexibility of use in different contexts

Offida City Brand originates from the town landscape and turns into a brand representing its main symbols such as the Snake, the Bobbins, the Chalice, the Corkscrew and everything else one can see in it...

The IO inside the brand wants to represent a healthy desire for attention as a sign of welcoming and of belonging. Offida represents everybody's IO, both of those arriving and of those who have always been here.

In Offida everyone can express his/her real self in every context, from the Carnival to social issues! The City Brand contains four macro-areas characterised by different colours (Environment, Tourism, Culture, and Sport) and many applications which go from Solidarity, to Wine, Lace, Folklore, Socials, Theatre, Music and to everything that makes the wonderful town of Offida unique!