Nuptial trousseau

Wedding dresses, jewels, bonbonniere, place cards, linen

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For your wedding day there needs to be lace jewels such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets…besides other precious bonbonnieres and place cards.
For your house curtains, table clothes, sheets, doilies

The lace is made on a pillow (in dialect “lu capzzal”), set on a wooden pedestal called prebenna.

You also need wooden bobbins (“li cannijtt”), pins, the thread (linen, hemp, silk, cotton, sometimes mixed with silver and golden threads) and the design of the would-be lace made from a cardboard. Some works need a very thin needle (in dialect “l’aghitt”).

After pinning the cardboard design on the lace pillow, the thread is wound round each couple of bobbins which will be then pinned on the design. Now it is possible to start the work: it consists of two movements: winding and crossing. This procedure results in the stitches used to create transparent and light laces, full of spirals, foliage, fruit, flowers, stars and other works of artistic values.

With Offida pillow lace it is possible to decorate altar-cloths, paraments, linen, (very popular is ‘the Love Knot’ for wedding sheets), underwear and garments.