Nobilis interius laetis iacet Aufida campis Urbs munita loco, divitiisque potens.
Francesco Panfilo, "Picenum", 1575
Internamente a lieti campi in mezzo, sta la nobile Offida; adorna e forte di rocca e muri, e che potente fanno le sue ricchezze e il cittadin valore.
Traduzione di Ab. Carlo Arduini 1815-1881

Image Religious Tourism

Religious Tourism

A spiritual route through the town churches, shrines and places of worship

Image Wedding Tourism

Wedding Tourism

Getting married in Offida: the locations, the dress and the trousseau for a fabulous wedding

Image Wine-and-food Tourism

Wine-and-food Tourism

A route through the colours, tastes and aromas of local typical products

Image Cultural Tourism

Cultural Tourism

An itinerary through the town monuments, churches and museums, surrounded by history, art and architecture

Image Folkloristic Tourism

Folkloristic Tourism

The Offida Historic Carnival: history, traditions and rituals of a unique event, capable of involving and overwhelming everybody

Image Sports Tourism

Sports Tourism

Naturalistic routes and cycling tourism – discovering the hidden corners of the rural landscape

Image Art and Handicraft Tourism

Art and Handicraft Tourism

The pillow lace: a precious and refined art that survived the past and is projected towards the future

Tourism in Offida

A natural dimension where it is possible to recognise the spirit of this Picenum town: the smile of Offida women working on their lace pillow; the smile of a generous and welcoming nature; the smile of a tasty and reveller enogastronomy; the smile dominating the whole carnival that involves people of all ages; the pleasant and shared smile during the cultural events; the smile of a town that welcomes all its visitors.

Unique centre of natural attractions, buildings and monuments of high historical value, an enogastronomy rich in typical products, high quality wines and precious pillow laces.




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